We have had lots of help from other people in constructing this website. In particular, many members of TEAM BUFO have provided photographs for us to use (in addition to our own photos). We thought the most appropriate way to thank the photographers might be to show pictures of them...

Dr. Greg Brown radio-tracking toads from an unusual steed.

Dr. Ruchira Somaweera with one of the crocodiles he studied for his PhD.

Dr. Ben Phillips examining a toad-killed Death Adder.

When Dr. Jonno Webb isn't studying toads and quolls and snakes, he's probably gone fishing.

Dr. Crystal Kelehear at the microscope, looking at parasites from cane toads.

Is Dr. Michael Crossland the world's best-dressed tadpole ecologist?

Dr. Simon Ducatez in a nautical mood.

Dr. Ligia Pizzatto in the lab.

Dr. Mattias Hagman with a couple of attractive toads.

Dr. Matt Greenlees with a cute furry friend.

Dr. Elisa Cabrera-Gusman setting out experimental enclosures for toad tadpoles in a tropical pond.

Dr. Christa Beckmann assembling enclosures.

Michelle Franklin hard at work.

Shannon Kaiser radio-tracking cane toads in a forest in northeastern New South Wales.

Dr. Lydia Fucsko photographing a frog.

And we are still awaiting photos of the following:

Travis Child

David Nelson